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The follow-up show of Riverdance is coming to Germany in 2019 

Heartbeat of Home

Created by the producers of Riverdance. Heartbeat of Home is a brand new tantalizing, high octane, sexy, music and dance extravaganza. This heart-stopping tour de force features the dynamic vibrant components of traditional Irish, Latin and Afro-Cuban music and dance.

Heartbeat of Home, the long-awaited new show after Riverdance, celebrates its premiere on German stages in 2019 and will come to 12 German cities and to Zurich.

Tickets for the show are available at MyTicket on www.myticket.de as well as at 01806 – 777 111 (EUR 0.20 / call from a German landline / no more than EUR 0.60 / call from a German mobile line).

The show features a new and delectrifying score written by award-winning Golden-Globe-nominated composer Brian Byrne. The joyous, heart-stopping and high-energy production also features high-definition, cutting-edge projection technology.

Heartbeat of Home is the consistent evolution of Riverdance in a modern and contemporary garb. After Riverdance opened the door to a whole new genre over 20 years ago, the show has become the most successful show in the world. This tradition is continued by Heartbeat of Home. Elements of Riverdance are also found in Heartbeat of Home, but partly in a new robe. Anyone who has been impressed by Riverdance will fall in love with Heartbeat of Home.

Hermjo Klein, discoverer of Riverdance and CEO of A.C.T.: „Riverdance is without a doubt the most successful dance show in the world so far! No other ensemble has been attracting so many visitors to their live shows for years, bringing such intense passion and technical perfection to the stage as these sensational Riverdance artists! The excitement is unbroken and we are looking forward to present the new show Heartbeat of Home, which continues the tradition of Riverdance while adding a new dance exclamation point with modern, contemporary accents.“

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