General information for the attendance of events

1. Access

Entrance to the venue as well as parking is, as a matter of principle, at the visitor’s own risk. Please observe the instructions by the security service. Please use public transportation as far as possible.

2. Admission

The admission ticket entitles you to a unique visit of the event mentioned on the ticket. If you leave the venue of the event, the admission ticket is no longer valid.

Upon admission there may possibly be a security check. The security service is instructed to carry out body searches. The right to refuse admission on good and sufficient grounds (against reimbursement of the ticket price) is reserved for the promoter.

3. Age limit

Concerts can be considered as public dance events within the meaning of the German Youth Protection Act because in most cases there is a possibility to dance. If this is the case, young people under the age of 16 may only attend the dance event (large-scale event) accompanied by a person with parental power or a custodial person. Adolescents from the age of 16 may only stay on their own until midnight. Whether an event is classified as a dance event or as a concert which may also be attended by visitors below the age of 16 is decided by the competent youth welfare office.

4. Sound level

During concerts there may be a risk of damages to hearing and health. For that reason, the promoter provides earplugs at cost price at the box office. Listening to the concert without earplugs is at the visitor’s own risk.

5. Rules of the house

The rules of the house of the respective venue and the instructions and information of the security service must be complied with. The entering of the stage area as well as the climbing on crowd control barriers is prohibited for unauthorised persons. In the event of infringements visitors may be expelled from the venue by order of the promoter.

6. Prohibited items

The carrying along of glass recipients, cans, tape recorders, film and video cameras, bulky items, cooling bags, pyrotechnical items, torches, sparklers, weapons and similar dangerous items as well as animals is prohibited. If this prohibition is not observed and complied with, visitors are expelled from the venue of the event.

7. Prohibition of film and sound recording

Sound, film and video recording is prohibited – even for private use.

8. Cancellation or postponement of the event

We kindly ask you to inform yourself regularly on our website about any cancellations, postponements and changes in respect of events. Please consider also press, radio and television information in the run-up to the corresponding event.

Any tickets bought are, as a matter of principle, taken back exclusively by the booking office where the tickets were bought.

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